Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Easiest Free Photo Editing Software For Etsy Sellers

Free Photo Editor For Etsy Sellers and Everyone Else

Ok so I hate having to edit my pictures for my jewellery that I sell on Etsy, I don't have an amazing SLR camera and lack the funds to purchase one, I have a real issue with getting the lighting right, shadows are my worst enemy when it comes to taking pictures, and enhancing the brightness can lose the image of the jewellery.
I even have photoshop but being very untech savy and not really having the time to invest in what all those random tabs and buttons can do I struggle, But I have just found this amazing website called FotoFuze it's so simple you can log in with your Etsy account and it will even upload all your Etsy pictures in the matter of minutes.
You simply click the one you would like to edit and just highlight your image and the shadows (don't forgot to highlight the shadows or it can look a little strange) and it will replace your background with a crisp plain white background, without ruining your image. You need to have a plain black of white background for it to work ( I just use a white sheet of paper), It will then even give you the option to update the picture on Etsy with one click none of this saving, re-editing the listing and uploading.
The best thing about this is it's completely free and so easy to use!! ( I am not getting paid or receiving anything from the company, I just want fellow sellers to know about how good this software is, because I know how frustrating getting a picture to look as good as it does in real life is extremely difficult especially with jewellery!! I have tried so many photo editors and have not found anything like this before) I just wanted a software to make my jewellery like it does in real life and not change the colours or get distorted or drowned out by shadows.
Here is the link if you would like to give it a go -

Before and After Pictures

Also I stumbled across this website thanks to a fellow Etsy seller who posted it up on a Help Forum she has tons of cute items in her shop and her logo is a pug which is the best thing ever! if you get chance please check her out.

Here are a few of her many cute items!