Tuesday, 14 May 2013

10 Stunning Places In Japan

10 Stunning Place To Visit In Japan

A collection of some stunning places in Japan I will visit here one day! Please follow my board on Pinterest for more pictures of Japanese culture > http://pinterest.com/xhellojackiex/everything-japan/

Restaurant on a tree in Okinawa

Nara Dreamland

Temizu: in Japanese shrine area, wash your hands and mouth at first: Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan

Moss garden, Sanzen-in, Kyoto, Japan (This one really reminds me of Spirited Away)

Tonami Yotaka Lantern Festival, Toyama, Japan

Cherry blossoms in full bloom at Mount Yoshino, Nara, Japan

The Plum festival at Japanese garden of Kairaku-en, Iibaraki, Japan

Japanese snow monkeys enjoying a hot spring

Lantern Festival at Yamaga city

Traditional Japanese farmhouse interior

To finish this post here is some Japanese Kanji