Thursday, 28 March 2013

Everything Easter

Everything Easter

Easter is nearly here so I am dedicating this post to everything to do with Easter, starting off with why it is celebrated so I just saw it as a holiday where you get chocolate because Jesus was resurrected, but there is more to the story as I have only just found out today. It is in fact a pagan holiday to do with the goddess Eostre (pronounce Easter) of fertility or rebirth, Eostre symbol was a rabbit and according to myths she had a magic hare that hibernated during winter to emerge every spring to give presents to children. Eggs symbolise fertility and regeneration that comes with spring, finally the eggs and rabbits make sense, but not to forget the hot cross buns which are also very ancient and are to do with Israelites baking sweet buns for an idol, The early church tried to put a stop to the cakes being baked at Easter but facing the defiant cake making pagan woman, they ending up blessing the cakes instead!


Easter Cake Recipes 

So this Easter I will be making some cute bunny cookies with marshmallow tails and some mini egg cupcakes you can find the recipe for both with these links v

Easter Crafts

Here are a few links to some cute craft ideas for Easter :

Egg Shell Flower Arrangements 

Origami Bunny Box

Easter Crackers

Tulip and Daffodil Centre Piece

Bunny Hop Pillow

To finish off this post I have created a Bunny inspired treasury list which you can check out with this link >

You can find the links for the above bunny pictures on my treasury list or here >

Adopt a Angora Bunny for 1 Month and Recieve Skein Yarn

Bunny Peep Beads

Keep Calm And Love Bunnies

Bunny Rabbit Studs

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bow Ring, Pastel Pink Kawaii Lolita Statement Piece

Kawaii Pastel Pink Bow Ring.

This ring is adorably cute, The bow is in a pastel pink colour that I have handmade out of Polymer Clay (no mould was used to make this bow), with two layers of white glitter over all of the bow to give it added sparkle, To make the bow look more realistic I have looped over the Polymer Clay just like a real bow would look. Completed with three layers of gloss to protect, add shine and make the glitter secure. 

You can find this ring in my Etsy shop with this link v

Friday, 22 March 2013

Kawaii Goodness

Kawaii Goodness

Here is my review of the stickers and deco tape I purchased from Kawaiistickers4you 

I ordered the stickers on the 18th March and I have already received them today I could not be happier with how quick they arrived especially with them coming all the way from Japan. If you want cute Japanese stickers without a long wait you should check this Etsy shop out!


The packaging is adorable all items were safety placed in this cute pink bag with a bunny and teddy on, and a little Rilakkuma themed note paper thanking me for my purchase.

Doughnut Parade Apple Smelling Sticker Pack

I can't believe how much these really do smell like apples, you receive 70 small stickers and one large sparkly sticker with all the cute animals from the smaller stickers on.

Twinkle Panda Stickers

I love these 10 different designs of cute pandas and little chicks, this also includes one large Twinkle Panda sticker with a rainbow, star and two pandas decorating it, you receive a mixture of shiny and plain stickers 70 small and 1 large shiny sticker.

Fairytale Deco Tape

This was probably my favourite item full of Chibi style fairy tale characters there is quite a few designs here I was not actually expecting as many. Here is all the designs on the tape : In order from left to right - Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatters Tea Party, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and The Evil Queen, Cinderella, A Bear with Apples (not sure what Fairytale from? maybe Goldilocks and The Three Bears), Snow White and Cinderella having a picnic.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and please feel free to leave comments I love to receive them

Kawaii Necklace

Here is my latest edition in my Etsy shop keeping with the Kawaii theme I so wanted to keep it for myself but thought it was to fitting with my shop not to list it, maybe next time I will get chance to make one for myself, The Kawaii is written in a beautiful pink mirrored acrylic that makes it stand out and look ultra girly.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Once Upon A Time Cast Photos

Once Upon A Time

I adore fairytale's and believe you can never be too old to get captivated in the magic, So when I found out about ABC's new series from the writers of Lost (which I also loved) Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, was going to be based on different fairytale's with a classic and modern twist I kinda knew I was going to enjoy it, And I have been doing, it's the type of series you keep saying to yourself I will just watch one more at stupidly early hours of the morning! Great actors as well my favourites have to be Robert Carlyle and Emilie De Ravin (Claire from Lost), If you ever wanted to find out what happened to your beloved fairytale characters after there happy ending it's a must watch!
Once upon a time series 1 and 2 has already been aired in the USA and series 2 is coming out in the UK in a few weeks. For more info check out there official Facebook pages v
Spoilers might be on these pages  < For people in the UK 

Once Upon A Time Cast Photos
ABC own the rights to these photos I only edited them.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

All The Pretty Cute Shiny Stuff

Today was definitely the day of buy all the pretty shiny stuffs seriously I am like a magpie!

I am so excited about all of my purchases and will be posting reviews and pictures when I receive them.

Here is a list of the cuteness overload I found plus links on where you can purchase them from yourself <3

First off stickers! My these are so cute and Kawaiistickers4you have a ton in thier Etsy shop as well as tape and letter sets, The postage is super cheap considering these are coming from Japan and they have amazing feedback. You can check them out here >

Twinkle Panda Stickers, Doughnut Teddy Stickers (Apple Scented) and Fairytale Deco Tape

Next up is a fellow UK seller, She sells beautiful nail art stickers and transfers and they are really reasonable priced, the nail transfers look super simple to do just apply a base coat colour, cut the transfer out, let it soak in water for about half a minute then apply to desired nail, dry off, apply top clear coat and your done, There is also a link for a youtube tutorial on how to do it as well on each transfer listing which is really helpful, a great way to get salon looking nails without having a very steady hand to do it yourself or paying a lot of money to get it done professionally. 
You can find the nail art and transfers Etsy shop with this link > 

Geisha Nail Transfers

My final purchase was some cute smelly stuff from HHCandy I love this website it's Kawaii heaven, I have purchased the Frosted Cupcake lipgloss from here a while back and it was amazing how much it smelt exactly like a Frosted Cupcake it felt like I had just ate one, I also got some gifts for my sister which she loved. This time I went for the Cotton Candy products which according to the reviews smell super sweet which I love sweet smelling stuff, I also purchases a sample of the Unicorn Poo Fragrance.
You can check this shop out with this link >

Cotton Candy Clouds and Unicorn Fragrance Sampler

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Easiest Free Photo Editing Software For Etsy Sellers

Free Photo Editor For Etsy Sellers and Everyone Else

Ok so I hate having to edit my pictures for my jewellery that I sell on Etsy, I don't have an amazing SLR camera and lack the funds to purchase one, I have a real issue with getting the lighting right, shadows are my worst enemy when it comes to taking pictures, and enhancing the brightness can lose the image of the jewellery.
I even have photoshop but being very untech savy and not really having the time to invest in what all those random tabs and buttons can do I struggle, But I have just found this amazing website called FotoFuze it's so simple you can log in with your Etsy account and it will even upload all your Etsy pictures in the matter of minutes.
You simply click the one you would like to edit and just highlight your image and the shadows (don't forgot to highlight the shadows or it can look a little strange) and it will replace your background with a crisp plain white background, without ruining your image. You need to have a plain black of white background for it to work ( I just use a white sheet of paper), It will then even give you the option to update the picture on Etsy with one click none of this saving, re-editing the listing and uploading.
The best thing about this is it's completely free and so easy to use!! ( I am not getting paid or receiving anything from the company, I just want fellow sellers to know about how good this software is, because I know how frustrating getting a picture to look as good as it does in real life is extremely difficult especially with jewellery!! I have tried so many photo editors and have not found anything like this before) I just wanted a software to make my jewellery like it does in real life and not change the colours or get distorted or drowned out by shadows.
Here is the link if you would like to give it a go -

Before and After Pictures

Also I stumbled across this website thanks to a fellow Etsy seller who posted it up on a Help Forum she has tons of cute items in her shop and her logo is a pug which is the best thing ever! if you get chance please check her out.

Here are a few of her many cute items!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Best Fantasy Fairytale Inspired Beds

The Best Beds Ever

I was on Ikea's facebook page and I found the most comfiest looking princess and the pea inspired bed, here our a few more unique beds I found, who knew that sleeping could be so much fun. I think my favourite has to be the bed in the trees, what's yours?

The Book Bed

Castle Bed 

 Bed in Trees

 The Cinderella Bed

 Classic Floating Bed

The One That Started It All The Princess And The Pea Bed

Monday, 11 March 2013

52 List Project

A lovely idea for people who love to make lists, and a brilliant way to let blog followers know more about yourself, The concept is simple go to Mooreaseal's fab blog and she will be posting up a new list each week to be completed e.g list your greatest comforts, you can download it and print it off for keepsake or to upload back onto your blog, I don't have a scanner so I will be just doing the list without the uploading bit, currently she is on week 9 but there is no time limit so you can start whenever you like.

Here is a link to the list project with all the info and downloadable's

Week 1 List The Words That Touch Your Soul

Family - My family is the most important thing in my life.
Care - I am a big believer on looking after people who need it.
Trust - Needed in every good relationship.
Happiness - Everyone just want's to be happy.
Love - A life without love is no life at all.
Cosy - I love my comfort and there is nothing better then getting warm and cosy on a cold day.
Friends - Always there when you need them epscially for a moan about the stupid stuff.
Freedom - To make the important choices in my life.
Life - One of the greatest and most mysterious things.
Inspiration - It is everywhere we all inspire other people and get inspiration from others.
Peace - Wouldn't it be easier if we all just got along.

Whew this was actually a little bit of a tricky one but the more a typed the more idea's I got.

Deer Ring, Kawaii Bronze Vintage

Kawaii Vintage Deer Ring.

The deer image is ultra cute with a baby blue bow and a pastel background, decorated with vintage little flowers along the bottom edge.
The ring is in a antique bronze colour with a framed decorative edge, I have used a epoxy resin dome that has glitter encased inside and protective sealer to protect and add sparkle to the deer image.