Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rainbow Pegacorn/Unicorn/Pegasus

Rainbow Pegacorn

Handmade from polymer clay will be turning into a necklace for a custom order.

Holographic Glitter Heart Ring, Kawaii Statement Piece

Holographic green heart ring,

Hand poured with resin I have added a ton of sparkly holographic green glitter, which looks stunning when it catches the light, The heart has a cute raised wavy edge and sits nice and flat on the finger, Glazed to give it a lovely shine and to make it long lasting.

Available on my Etsy shop

Friday, 4 October 2013

Harvest Moon Blue Feather Ring

Harvest Moon Blue Feather Ring

The blue feather is left by an exotic blue bird and is used as an engagement ring in the Harvest Moon series.

The feather lays flat on the hand.

Handmade from polymer clay and glazed for protection.

Available on my Etsy shop with this link >

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Goldfish In A Bag Necklace, Fairground Funfair Kitsch Cute Charm

Re-listed on my Etsy shop, Kawaii Goldfish In A Bag charm necklace.

Roll up Roll up, This cute pet goldfish in a bag is just like the ones you used to win at the funfair, take this little fellow wherever you want to go you can even name him if you like.

Available on my Etsy shop XKawaiiCutieX

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Soot Sprite Bracelet, Soot Balls Spirited Away Rainbow Stars

Soot Sprite Charm Bracelet,

Soot Sprite charm bracelet with six cute little soot balls, handmade from polymer clay with painted eyes and glazed for added protection, the bracelet also features candy stars in brights and pastel colours, Violet Swarovski double coated aurora borealis bicone crystals to give the bracelet added sparkle.

Available on my Etsy shop XKawaiiCutieX here >