Thursday, 28 March 2013

Everything Easter

Everything Easter

Easter is nearly here so I am dedicating this post to everything to do with Easter, starting off with why it is celebrated so I just saw it as a holiday where you get chocolate because Jesus was resurrected, but there is more to the story as I have only just found out today. It is in fact a pagan holiday to do with the goddess Eostre (pronounce Easter) of fertility or rebirth, Eostre symbol was a rabbit and according to myths she had a magic hare that hibernated during winter to emerge every spring to give presents to children. Eggs symbolise fertility and regeneration that comes with spring, finally the eggs and rabbits make sense, but not to forget the hot cross buns which are also very ancient and are to do with Israelites baking sweet buns for an idol, The early church tried to put a stop to the cakes being baked at Easter but facing the defiant cake making pagan woman, they ending up blessing the cakes instead!


Easter Cake Recipes 

So this Easter I will be making some cute bunny cookies with marshmallow tails and some mini egg cupcakes you can find the recipe for both with these links v

Easter Crafts

Here are a few links to some cute craft ideas for Easter :

Egg Shell Flower Arrangements 

Origami Bunny Box

Easter Crackers

Tulip and Daffodil Centre Piece

Bunny Hop Pillow

To finish off this post I have created a Bunny inspired treasury list which you can check out with this link >

You can find the links for the above bunny pictures on my treasury list or here >

Adopt a Angora Bunny for 1 Month and Recieve Skein Yarn

Bunny Peep Beads

Keep Calm And Love Bunnies

Bunny Rabbit Studs

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!

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  1. Great post Jackie! I actually like how over the years the pagan and religious holidays melded into one wonderful holiday that many people can enjoy. Thanks for the Cute!