Friday, 22 March 2013

Kawaii Goodness

Kawaii Goodness

Here is my review of the stickers and deco tape I purchased from Kawaiistickers4you 

I ordered the stickers on the 18th March and I have already received them today I could not be happier with how quick they arrived especially with them coming all the way from Japan. If you want cute Japanese stickers without a long wait you should check this Etsy shop out!


The packaging is adorable all items were safety placed in this cute pink bag with a bunny and teddy on, and a little Rilakkuma themed note paper thanking me for my purchase.

Doughnut Parade Apple Smelling Sticker Pack

I can't believe how much these really do smell like apples, you receive 70 small stickers and one large sparkly sticker with all the cute animals from the smaller stickers on.

Twinkle Panda Stickers

I love these 10 different designs of cute pandas and little chicks, this also includes one large Twinkle Panda sticker with a rainbow, star and two pandas decorating it, you receive a mixture of shiny and plain stickers 70 small and 1 large shiny sticker.

Fairytale Deco Tape

This was probably my favourite item full of Chibi style fairy tale characters there is quite a few designs here I was not actually expecting as many. Here is all the designs on the tape : In order from left to right - Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatters Tea Party, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and The Evil Queen, Cinderella, A Bear with Apples (not sure what Fairytale from? maybe Goldilocks and The Three Bears), Snow White and Cinderella having a picnic.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and please feel free to leave comments I love to receive them

Kawaii Necklace

Here is my latest edition in my Etsy shop keeping with the Kawaii theme I so wanted to keep it for myself but thought it was to fitting with my shop not to list it, maybe next time I will get chance to make one for myself, The Kawaii is written in a beautiful pink mirrored acrylic that makes it stand out and look ultra girly.