Monday, 22 September 2014

Jiji Necklace, Studio Ghibli Kiki's Delivery Service

Jiji Necklace

I have handmade out of polymer clay this cute Jiji from Kiki's delivery service, I have given him a little red bow and his tail curls round from the back and up one side.

Available on my Etsy shop here

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Kawaii Star Earrings New To My Etsy Shop

Kawaii star earrings coated with a ton of iridescent glitter to give them a lovely sparkle, I have added pink pearl beads and glow in the dark beads through the middle on the star.

Available here

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Resin Tips and Helpful Tutorial Videos

I recently got asked how I make my resin pieces, I have spent alot of time watching tutorials and practising so here are a few of my personal tips and video tutorials that helped me.

I always use silcone moulds, the first time I used resin I made the mistake of using a plasic mould and had to break it to get the pieces out.

When adding a background layer with glitter like the one in the above picture, don't fully fill the mould with resin as when you add the glitter it will overspill, which is fixable but is an extra job you can avoid.

Bubbles are a nightmare in resin and I have tried many ways to avoid them, stirring slowly etc... but it just doesn't work there is no way to stop them, but you can easily get rid of them by putting the mixture into the mould (don't bother after stirring because as soon as it is added to the mould you will just create more bubbles!) leave to sit for a few minutes so most of the bubbles will float to the top and run a lighter or heatgun over them, you can use a straw and blow on them but I didn't think this was a good as using heat.

Adding a eyescrew you can use a drill but I don't trust myself to use one without it ending up in me going to hospital with a drill through my finger I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to electric tools. I just use bails that you can glue on the back much safer and easier :) or you can still use a eyescrew by twisting it into the top of the piece or if its a little difficult to get in, I also heat up a pin by running a lighter over the end (watch as the bit you are holding will get hot if you do it for too long!) then jab it in where I want the eyescrew and start a bit of a hole and then twist the eyescrew in.

I keep all my resin equipment bowls stirring sticks etc.. in a separate plastic bag as it gets so messy and I have not found a way to fully remove all the traces of resin before mixed when mixed on most things you should be able to break off when hard, this is great with the little white plastic cups don't wash them out till the resin is dry and when it is just squeeze the cup and it will peel off.

Always make sure to push the stickers or whatever you are using to the bottom of the mould to push out hidden air bubbles.

If you are using alphabet beads make sure that when you are going to be taking them out of the mould that they are going to appear the right way, I have made this mistake before resulting in backwards and upside down letters.

I usually use glitter in my pieces but you can use - mica powder, eyeshadow, acrylic paint, pigments and many more things for the backgrounds.

After a while the resin will go brown I was devastated when this happened to me as its not cheap to buy and living in the UK the brand I like is only sold in the States, but after some research it can still be used so I tested it out and when mixed it goes clear again, whew!

I have seen people using glue guns to make a resin style pendant personally I have never tried this but from tutorials I have seen it doesn't work as good and is a bit more messy.

Here are a few links to videos that helped me out alot, and if you have any questions about resin you can message me on my Facebook page with this link

This video I found most helpful and she creates really cute pendants link

A blog post with some unique resin ideas link

A UV resin ring tutorial (I have never used UV resin so I don't know how easy it is to use) link

This girl has the biggest sticker and glitter collection I have seen and the tutorial is really easy to follow link

Comment below if you have a tips you would like to add and I will add them to my list crediting with a link to your blog page, or if you found any of these tips helpful.

Friday, 12 September 2014