Saturday, 16 March 2013

All The Pretty Cute Shiny Stuff

Today was definitely the day of buy all the pretty shiny stuffs seriously I am like a magpie!

I am so excited about all of my purchases and will be posting reviews and pictures when I receive them.

Here is a list of the cuteness overload I found plus links on where you can purchase them from yourself <3

First off stickers! My these are so cute and Kawaiistickers4you have a ton in thier Etsy shop as well as tape and letter sets, The postage is super cheap considering these are coming from Japan and they have amazing feedback. You can check them out here >

Twinkle Panda Stickers, Doughnut Teddy Stickers (Apple Scented) and Fairytale Deco Tape

Next up is a fellow UK seller, She sells beautiful nail art stickers and transfers and they are really reasonable priced, the nail transfers look super simple to do just apply a base coat colour, cut the transfer out, let it soak in water for about half a minute then apply to desired nail, dry off, apply top clear coat and your done, There is also a link for a youtube tutorial on how to do it as well on each transfer listing which is really helpful, a great way to get salon looking nails without having a very steady hand to do it yourself or paying a lot of money to get it done professionally. 
You can find the nail art and transfers Etsy shop with this link > 

Geisha Nail Transfers

My final purchase was some cute smelly stuff from HHCandy I love this website it's Kawaii heaven, I have purchased the Frosted Cupcake lipgloss from here a while back and it was amazing how much it smelt exactly like a Frosted Cupcake it felt like I had just ate one, I also got some gifts for my sister which she loved. This time I went for the Cotton Candy products which according to the reviews smell super sweet which I love sweet smelling stuff, I also purchases a sample of the Unicorn Poo Fragrance.
You can check this shop out with this link >

Cotton Candy Clouds and Unicorn Fragrance Sampler

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