Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ni No Kuni Necklace, Glow in the Dark Heart Locket

Ni No Kuni Heart Locket Necklace.

Ni No Kuni is the new RPG game by Studio Ghibli and Level 5, I took my inspiration from this game to make a replica of Oliver's necklace, I loved the idea of the locket as soon as I saw it and wanted to make it as close to the in game necklace as possible, I have tried to get the sizing and necklace length to scale.

I have made the glass part of the bottle out of emerald polymer clay, then I added the detail with yellow polymer clay, and attached brown polymer clay around the neck of the bottle to look like the brown cord tied around and to give it extra security.

To give the piece added protection I have added two coats of Fimo gloss, I wanted to also re-create the way that the locket glows up so I have also added two coats of green glow in the dark paint which is charged by sunlight, and then an extra coat of Fimo gloss to protect the glow in the dark paint. 

You can find this necklace on my Etsy shop XKawaiiCutieX