Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hourglass Ring, Unusual Filigree Vintage Medieval Kitsch Piece

I was inspired to design this ring after watching Merlin. I love old Medieval vintage looking items and wanted to turn a piece of our history into something fashionable that can be worn. A very unusual, unique and quirky ring.

The main colour of the ring is black which makes the white of the hourglass sand really stand out it even has sprinkles of glitter to make the sand shimmer when it catches the light, the glass of the hourglass is made with transparent plastic and framed in a brown colour plastic with detailed indents to replica wood.

Hourglasses were original used on ships as they were the best method of keeping the time, they are used as the symbol for hour in alchemy and were also used on pirate ship flags.

You can find this ring on my Etsy shop XKawaiiCutieX


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    1. Thanks :) I love medieval looking stuff it always reminds me of Oblivion and Skyrim which are two of my favourite games