Thursday, 13 December 2012

Handmade Inexpensive Gift Box Tutorial Great For Etsy Sellers

Keep you precious handmade products safe and present them beautifully without breaking the bank!

I decided that I am going to start sending all my jewellery that I sell on Etsy out in gift boxes to give it better presentation and also more importantly for added protection when it gets posted, after looking all over the internet I failed to find anything that was pretty but would not effect my overall postage prices, as my original idea was to keep my postage the same I just can't believe how expensive they are! So on my search of reasonably priced gift boxes I stumbled across this great tutorial on how you can make them yourself with two pieces of card, and a bit of ribbon to complete the box an inexpensive way to really put your own stamp on it, the simple card is transforms into a really professional looking gift box but also keeps it's handmade look, which with Etsy being focused on buyers who want a handmade look why not start it from the packaging. 
Find the link for the tutorial at the end of this post

Extra Ideas

Wading could also be added to the bottom of the box which is another product that can be inexpensively picked up
Print your favourite design or your brand onto the card
Start collecting stamps to decorate the plain card to give it a vintage feel you could even decorate it with some cute stickers