Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Best Cosplay Of The Week Powerpuff Girls Professor

The Powerpuff girls was a cartoon series from the 90s if you have never had the chance to watch it I highly recommend it!
Professor Utonium - Created the Powerpuff Girls with Sugar Spice and Everything nice but accidently added Chemical X
Blossom - The intelligent one, her colour is pink, and her special power is freezing things, Everything Nice
Buttercup - The tough, one her colour is green, and her special power is she can curl her tongue, Spice
Bubbles - The cute one, (my personal favourite) her colour is blue, and her special power is emitting supersonic sound waves with her voice as well as being able to speak Japanese, Spanish and to animals, Sugar
So now your familiar with the main characters I am going to share this amazing cosplay with you, this cosplay is so clever he didn't even forget the iconic pipe!I do not know who the person is in this picture but if you come across it and you know leave a comment so I can give you a shout out :) I found this on angelpink7 Deviant Art account which you can check out for more great cosplays the link is as follows -

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