Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Video Game Inspired Jewellery

Handmade Video Game Inspired Jewellery

Its been so long since I did my last blog post but I have been in the process of a big move from one side of the UK to the other! But I am all settled in now so will start posting on my Blog more regularly again :)

I thought I would start with a post of some lovely video game inspired jewellery I have found on Etsy.

Alex Kidd Keychain, Brooch or Magnet

Legend Of Zelda Light World and Dark World Map Earrings

Final Fantasy Cactuar Necklace 

Water Breathing Magic Potion Bottle Necklace

Ni No Kuni Mr Drippy Necklace

Zelda Ocarina of Time Magic Bean Ring

Super Mario 3 Cartridge Cufflinks

Bioshock Infinite Vigors Bracelet