Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Vintage Charity Ball At Walcot Hall 1920s - 1940s

Walcot Hall is a beautiful manor in Shropshire UK that has an amazing ballroom from the 1800, I was thrilled when I found out they were holding a vintage 1920s - 1940s ball.

Me and my sister got to go to this fantastic event, we walked up to the path to the manor and got greeted with this sign

the path was all lit up with little metal bowls with flames in, I tried to take a picture but failed and they just came out as blurred yellow blobs, so I waited till we got inside to take more pictures.

The doors to the manor were big wooden and very worn, at this point I didn't really know what to expect but as soon as we stepped through it was like stepping back in time, everyone had made such a wonderful effort with sparkly sequinned dresses, feather hair bands and hats, we got offered a free glass of bubbly and for our coats to be hung up. It was kind of like a greeting area with a small bar in the corner.

We walked through to the back room where the big ballroom was, with high celling's and stunning chandeliers everyone was already dancing we had to quickly slip past to get one of the seats that lined the hall.

It was so much fun getting to see everyone enjoying themselves and dancing so perfectly in time we could tell these people had done this kind of thing before.

Lucky for us a dance instructor was there to teach everyone the next dance, so me and my sister got up for this one she was the gent as I am shorter, the live band was wonderful and the female singer had such a powerful old fashioned tone to her voice.

It was so much harder than it looked time for another quick cocktail.

The night carried on with more dancing.

After all that dancing we were worn out so we left the ball at just before midnight, while waiting for our lift home the clock tower struck 12 with the moon in view, which finished off this magical evening, I would recommend this to anyone it was such a swell night.

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