Saturday, 12 January 2013

Vintage Kawaii Animal Glitter Baby Pink Bottle Cap Necklace

The bottle cap is baby pink on the outside, and I have used a glittery dome to add a bit of sparkle to the deer image, the image has also been coated with a protective sealer spray to give it added protection and then attached to a pretty pink ball chain. 

This is the first three of a whole range of animals I will be doing in this style!

You can find these necklace on my Etsy shop XKawaiiCutieX

Bottle cap necklace of a cute vintage deer, chick and Donkey


  1. I am so excited to follow your blog! I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch!

    These are amazing!
    My sister actually makes bottlecap necklaces..they're so easy to make and even easier to love!

    1. Hiya Rachael I would love to follow your blog back but I can't find a link for it if you want to put up it as a comment on here then I can follow you back :) and thanks I love how vintage these ones look I have made a few more just not had the time to put them up yet, does she sell them on Etsy?